Friday, September 18, 2009


Wow! What a last 2 weeks! Seriously feels like it’s been a month since I was at home. It’s just been such an incredible 2 weeks of joy, growth, and most of all, peace! One thing that I have been searching for in the past year is complete peace with everything. Starting about two weeks ago I have had more and more peace and at the beginning of this week I finally gained complete peace about everything. After a tough summer spiritually, God has just wrapped me in His arms, telling me well done. This summer was such a big test for me. During summit last night, when Dr. Tim Elmore told us to just imagine going to heaven and seeing God face to face, I imagined myself walking towards God with my head down just completely exhausted and God just wrapping His arms around me telling me well done, you passed the test. It is the best feeling ever, and I just wept as everything I have struggled with over the past year was just thrown away with God saying, “I LOVE YOU!!!”

What an awesome feeling! Last night was just such a God night. God broke me down and brought me to a point where His Holy Spirit just filled me, and I was so at peace and just relaxed. Going into one of the most nerve racking things I have ever done in my life, God just filled me with His love, and I was so calm and relaxed, in a time where I always thought I would be tense and nervous. That was just the Prince of Peace working in me.

God has just surrounded me with the most incredible friends that I could ever ask for. Through everything over the past year, when they probably just wanted to slap me and say get over it, they instead stood with me and just poured out their love and encouragement to me. Oh what an experience it has been.

Ever since I got home from North Carolina, I have just been filled with joy. The past 2 weeks I just feel like I’m overflowing with joy, just knowing that the God I serve really is bigger than anything I will face. Knowing that God, the creator of everything, is in control of my future. I have nothing to fear. I have read the back of the Book, and we WIN!!!!!

Since I have returned to school I feel like a completely different person. Never have I experienced this kind of joy in my life. The Holy Spirit has just been working in me. The Sunday I spoke at church was when I really did tell God just to take total control of my life. Saturday before I spoke I was so sick and I could not think clearly. I seriously could not put a complete sentence together and it was at this point where I fell to my knees behind the pulpit and just told God to take complete control and just use me as His instrument.

Sunday morning God just completely took over cause I was still sick and I could not make sense of anything, but once I started speaking God just took over and I don’t even remember anything I said. It was incredible! And since then God has just continued blessing me with His words and movement in my life. There is so much I could say, story after story of how God is just working and moving and transforming. It’s so awesome to have this complete peace. Last night just lifted so much weight and stress off of me and the whole situation has just been so filled with prayer, and I have seen the power of prayer. So thank you everyone for you prayer and support. It means so much! I love you all! God Bless!!!!