Tuesday, February 9, 2010

God is so good!

God is so good, He's so good to me! So many times I look past all God has done for me. Instead of praising God with all I am, I become selfish and try to please my self with worldly desires instead of praising God by being selfless and looking to help others. I have found myself so many times becoming prideful and looking at possessions and time as mine. I was thinking yesterday how I put labels on everything. Nothing is mine, not possessions, not time, not money, nothing. It is all God's and has blessed me with being a steward of HIS!! possessions. I am to worship God with everything I do, everything I watch, everything I hear, and with my attitude. Oh how I fail to live a life completely dedicated to God.
Do I really believe that what I believe is really real? If so why am I so hesitant to fully trust God to provide, why do I doubt so much that God can move mountains. My God can move mountains, he can do all things. I have a personal relationship with God, a loving relationship and He has allowed me to serve Him. Wow, I have the opportunity to serve the creator of all things. I have been so challenged over the past few days to really step out, serve others, and to try and be selfless, looking to pour out the Love of Christ on those around me. God is good, all the time!