Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm Not Home

This song has rung so true for me over the past month.  I have struggled with this world, struggled with seeing brokenness every day, and struggled with my own flesh.  So much of me longs to be with my maker.  I remember leaving the concert after these guys sang this song and saying to the other two people in the car, "I'm ready to be home.  Not like home here, but to be with God."  And since that point my heart has longed for that.  I have longed for God to say it is time, but He obviously has more in store for me.  I'm not home yet and I look to the time when I finally reach home.  But for the time I strive to finish the race, racing with endurance, and pushing on, even when all I long for is to be Home!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tough Training Week

This past week was a great week of training.  Two weeks ago I had the stomach flu and wasn't able to finish a few workouts, but this past week made up for it.  Had some great swims including a 2.5 mile swim in 1 hr 17 min. on Thursday followed by an hour run (First time I've completed any of the 3 events).  Friday finished a 20.5 mile run in 3 hours and still had plenty in me.  Today completed my first century ride of training, although my legs seemed to give out at the 60 mile mark.  Had a little over 18 hours logged and should log over 18 hours this next week before tapering starts up.  
At this time, I haven't even been thinking about the race, but I'm so ready to be done with the long training weeks.  Soon enough though, I hope to become an Ironman finisher. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Question everything?

While watching Deadliest Catch, I saw a commercial for a show on the Science channel, which looked at space, and I heard the Science channel slogan, "Question everything".  This made my heart sink.  Seeing the glory and splendor of God as they showed views of space, and then hearing the statement "question everything".  A statement that claims there is no ultimate Truth.  Don't seek Truth, seek to always question.  And this is a reflection of society, that there is no Truth, but that we should seek our own truth, and question everything.
It takes me to the greatest question ever asked, "What is Truth?"  Well, Jesus came to testify to the Truth, and His life demonstrated Truth.  Don't ever believe the lies that media constantly tells us, but remember that God is Truth, and there is ultimate Truth.  We don't have to question everything, because we have been given answers, and we have been given Truth!