Wednesday, October 12, 2011

South Korea Bucket List

1. DMZ tour – Cross into North Korea

2. Visit a Buddhist temple - Have always wanted to visit one
*Buddhist village, not really a temple, but lots of religious buildings

3. Eat Gaegogi - It's a delicacy that I have been told I must try
*Done and good!

4. Visit a farm - How could I not?
-Went out to the country and walked past fields, but did not visit a farm.

5. Eat octopus - Sounds nasty, but I have to try it
-Did not get around to this, and I must say, not the most disappointed.

6. Try every piece of food I’m offered - First experience, cow blood; next, I have no idea
*Did not turn down anything, and the only really nasty thing was anchovies.  Silkworm larva wasn't even that bad.

7. Run to Seoul Tower for the sunrise - Gorgeous run that makes you feel like your not in Seoul, and allows you to see the entire city. (It is huge!)
*Done and went in the Tower, which was awesome!

8. Attend a different church every Sunday - I love to worship in many settings
*Every Sunday I went.  I missed my last two Sundays, but I got a good experience of American churches in Korea.

9. Attend a church service in Korean - My favorite part of travel is being able to worship the same God, even if we do not speak the same language. I love how God transcends language and tears down barriers to bring us together!
-Sadly I did not.  Probably my biggest disappointment.

10. Attend a Korean wedding - I have connections!
-Lack of communication on wedding week prevented me.  I missed a few phone calls and missed out on the opportunity.

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  1. wow!! sounds like you have alot of interesting things to do!! tammy