Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finding God in Silence

Over the past 3 days I have spent a lot of time in silence. It's hard for me to do this as the world is just filled with clutter. We constantly surround ourselves with noise. We listen to iPods, watch television, we surround ourselves with friends, listen to the radio while driving. There is constant clutter. At school I have found so much peace in just shutting off music or the television and just finding listening to God. On the way home from school last night, I was listening to the radio and the music was just cluttering my mind, so I rode the last 45 minutes in silence. It was so good to just talk with God in silence. Though maybe I did not receive any answers, I was able to just talk with God and it was so good. It allowed me to get frustration out, and to just tell God verbally my feelings. Sure I know He knows my heart, but it's always good to say it out loud.
Today I went for a nice, somewhat hard run. This is where I find God the most. At one time I liked running with my iPod, but lately I have left it behind and have just used running as a way to talk with God and find silence. A little before the halfway point of my run, a light rain started. I absolutely love running in the rain. It is the best feeling in the world. The silence is so good, as I'm more observant of the creation around me and I'm just more in awe of God. It gives me a chance to listen to God and also just talk with Him.
I've tried to be more consistent in my time with God and make sure that I'm making time for Him, and over this past week, I have learned so much. I challenge everyone to just find more time in silence, and just listening to God. It can be hard, cause we want to always be doing something, or find it uncomfortable to be in silence, but it is so peaceful to have silence and it allows God to show you so much. Take joy in just being able to spend one-on-one time with our Father in Heaven.

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  1. That is so crazy that I was just talking about silence yesterday...and I didn't even know you had made a post on it. Too cool!
    This is the Nooma video that I was telling you that you should watch, and now I definitely think you should watch it... :)

    by the way, I used the one with the spanish subtitles so you could work on your espanol ;)