Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Church as the Family

As I've studied who God is and His great design in our world, God has really convicted me of what the church should look like. God's design was perfect and His roles for us are perfect. The church is designed to look like the family. It is a family. So why do we look at the family structure in America, seeing how broken it is, and lead the church in the same direction? The loss of the father in the family has destroyed our society. The loss of the father has caused gender confusion, a lack of leadership, a lack of discipline and confused children, who have no idea what a loving father looks like. God's original design is perfect! His design for the church is perfect, yet we are molding the church into this new family structure. The man's role in the family is to lead and protect his family. Within the church, the man should be the leader! The man should lead his family spiritually, same as the church. Part of this downslide is due to the lack of initiative among men in the church. Another part of it is due to women stepping in too soon, not encouraging their brothers to step up.
When looking at men and women, one thing must be understood. If men know that a women will step up and fill the role, men will allow them to fill the role. But if a women encourages a brother to step up, it gives men a strength to fill the role God has set apart for men. Sometimes to us, the roles seem unfair and don't make sense, but God is perfect and the roles are perfect. Our society has turned words like submission into such a bad word, when God really designed that as a glorious thing. I think there were a lot of good things that came out of the women's rights movement, but I also think that this movement destroyed some of the roles that God designed and confused our generation. Men no longer know what their role is or their position in the family because women have begun to take it over. I believe that this has led to the lazy, bum mentality that society has given to men. We see it in almost every television show and movie, and now society believes that this is just how it is. Where is our righteous anger to uphold God's plan!?! Why have we fallen so far from a Biblical worldview!?! May we rediscover God's design and re-evaluate our views and standards to make sure they align with God! May we continually seek and desire to be like God!

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