Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Journey of a Bible

My Bible has been through thick and thin with me. It has seen me through many lows and has lead me to my highs. It was with me when I worked with children in Jamaica, it journeyed with me to Kenya to share the love of Christ, it was by my side as I worked with the people in Costa Rica, and it came with me to South Korea to teach the children here. It was with me when I spent my first summer on my own, giving me strength to stand up for my faith when those around me did not share the same faith. It took me through my teenage years and changed me through my college years. It infiltrated my heart with the wisdom of God. It journeyed with me on the most influential 4 months of my life and was the foundation of my change in Colorado. It has been with me in every state I have lived in. It has shown me who God is and who He desires me to be. It has challenged me to think deeper, given me joy when nothing else could, and has taught me how to care for those around me. Inside were many memories, many notes, and many tears.
My Bible will be dearly missed, but God is awesome and He has given me the knowledge that I will see my Bible again. It's funny, because from the time I lost it, I had this comfort and peace that God was going to bring it back to me. Either I will receive the Bible or I will meet the person who has been blessed by it, or both. It may not even be while I'm still here, but may be years down the road, but I believe that God is going to use this to just blow my mind about Himself! He is going to show up and display His divine intervention, and it will be glorious! I hope to meet this person so we can share with each other the journey this Bible has had! One thing is for sure, my Bible will have an awesome story to share!!


  1. Simply beautiful! This situation illustrates just how mysterious our God is as He orchestrates each moment in life with such intricacy and purpose.

    Praying that you hold onto the peace within your heart!

  2. Oh...I love your last thought about how it will come back to you some how...this is what I felt in my spirit when I first heard it was left on public transportation. I too await the story!

  3. Thanks Emily! It's going to be a glorious story!!