Sunday, September 12, 2010


So to start off the semester, our whole class took a trip to Horn Creek for the weekend. It was a great time to really get to know those that I will be living with and sharing with over the next four months. The weekend seemed like a whole week. It was good to get to know the 43 other students that are going to share in the same experience I am. It is good to be in this type of community again and it's refreshing to be in an environment where we can be vulnerable with each other and can share our struggles. It is crazy to hear everyone's story and the opposition that everyone faced in the weeks leading up to this point. I feel myself coming back and my heart starting to come alive. Satan has had a strong grip on my heart and has used certain things to get me down.
Slowly God is healing my heart, but it is a long process. It's going to be an emotional semester as God really works on my attitude, my faith, and my heart. God is going to work on me a lot this semester. I'm at a point where I'm broken and I can't wait to be healed. The journey will not be easy, and the process of healing will be painful, but God has big things in store for me, and the pain is part of the process. Again, continued prayer is huge right now. I'm in a huge spiritual fight and the battleground is my heart. But I know God is bigger than anything and that He can heal.

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