Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What is Truth?

The greatest question ever asked by man kind. Asked 2,000 years ago, it still baffles many and makes us all think. What is Truth? My first class was today and for the next two weeks, Dr. Del Tackett will be taking our class on a journey to answer this question. This is the question that will be answered throughout the semester, but we will have 2 intense weeks with Dr. Tackett, looking at all the spheres that exist in the world. There is not an area on this earth that God has reached His hand out to. The first day was so awesome and we haven't even started looking into the spheres. Dr. Tackett is so expressive and so full of wisdom, it seems like I could sit there all day and take in every word he says. I have been placed with so much wisdom around me, it's almost overwhelming trying to take it all in.

Also I got my practicum placement today and found out what I will be doing and I'm so excited!!! I'm working with an organization called Hope and Home and they are a foster care program. My task are so exciting, but I will explain them as I do them. It is exactly what I wanted to do for my practicum here and it deals directly with Social Work so it will give me a great experience to see if Social Work is a direction that I would enjoy going. It is going to be very emotionally draining, and I'm being trained to do the work of a graduate, so I will be diving right into the field. The thing I'm most excited for is being a supervisor for the meeting between the children and their biological parents. It will be the parent, there child, and me, so that will give you a little idea of what I will be doing. Check out more of what they do through their website which is
God has been so good and I have already grown so much. I can't wait to share with all of you in person about how God has worked in me. Love you all!!

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