Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Gold Standard

There are a lot of standards set in our society.  Standards that employers set for us, standards that parents set for us, and standards that society in general sets for us.  But this standard falls short of the standard God has set for us.  We are to live for something greater!  We are to set our standards higher than anyone else's standards!  Why?  Because we serve someone who is greater than anything on this earth!  We are to separate ourselves from the world, to stand alone and be set apart.  The church has become so tolerant of things that are counter to the nature of God, that Christians often fail to set themselves apart.  This may be a result of not knowing the standard God has set for us, or it might be a result of us not being willing to fully die to ourselves and to give our entire life to Christ.  But if we desire to walk those streets of gold, then we must set ourselves apart.  We must be conscious of how our every decision will impact those around us, impact the level that others respect us, and impact those that we work with or will work with in the future.  May we be so jealous of God and giving Him the glory, that are standards are set higher.  Whatever the world sets as a standard, may we raise the bar.  May we set our sights on the Gold Standard, a Heavenly Standard!

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