Friday, December 23, 2011

What's in a name? - El Shaddai

The God almighty and the all sufficient one!  Two definitions that pertain to God being our everything.  Within Him all exist and all is supplied.  In the King James bible, Shadday is used 48 times and is most used in the book of Job!  Throughout Job, the Almighty is referred too often as the God of justice and wrath.  Some of the characteristics that we often fail to talk about when discussing God. Interesting that the almighty would be described in this way, when we often fail to recognize these characteristics of God.     When we read Job, we look at the dedication and perseverance of Job, but we fail to think of the all sufficient one providing for Job, but see God taking everything from Job.  But God still provided for Job's essential needs and in Him everything was still found.  At times we must lose everything to remember where everything came from, and give El Shaddai the praise He deserves.  El Shaddai provides for our every need and holds everything within His hand.  God is sufficient enough for our everything!  May we satisfy the almighty and give our all to El Shaddai!

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