Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Fall

Discussion this week revolved around Genesis 3.  We had the kids read the story aloud directly from the Bible.  Jessica asked the kids several questions, many that do not have an exact answer, but were just left as a question to get the kids to really think.  Some of the kids asked us questions too, that are tough, tough questions.  Here are the questions that we asked or that were asked to us.

What do you think the garden of Eden was like?
What were the consequences of Adam and Eve's decision?
What are ways that we are tempted?  What are our consequences?  (Someone said death)
          I sin, so does that mean that I deserve death?  Do I receive death?
How does Satan tempt us?
Why would God put the tree in the garden?
Why would God allow them to be tempted?
Why would God allow His creation to fall?

We had a really good discussion.  The whole lesson lasted over 30 minutes!  It was great to be challenged by the kids.  I felt like we all learned a great deal from this lesson!  There were many more questions, but I don't remember all of them.

One thing that God has really been teaching me is how we can't save anyone, but that God, in His timing, is the only one that can save people and show them the Truth!

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