Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Genesis 1


God created the whole universe.  He made thousands of galaxies, all to praise His name!  God formed everything!  He made each one of us just the way we are.  But He did not just speak us into being.  No, He formed us in His image, and breathed His breathe into us!  How incredible!  He made each one of us with our own unique gifts, strengths, and personality for a purpose!  He gave us the passions and desires to align with our gifts and strengths!
When we look at everything God has created, we are amazed!  It's incredible to go thousands and millions of lightyears out, and how amazing and endless His creation is.  Yet we are His masterpiece!  Wow!
(At the start of group, the kids all made things out of modeling clay!  They didn't know it would be tied into the lesson until the end.)  When we create something, we have a personal attachment to it.  When we draw a picture, we excitedly run to our parents and show them and hope they put it on the fridge.  When I looked at everything the kids made from clay, it was amazing!  They are so creative and they all took so much joy and pride in what they made!  That's how God felt when He made us!  I see Him making the universe with the angels around Him, then the angels are all knitting their scarves and painting their simple pictures and God says, "Hey, I'll be right back, I need to go make one last thing!"  And God comes back after making mankind and says, "LOOK!! Look what I made!" I know He took joy and pride in our creation!  Which means we also must take joy and pride in who we are, for we are His masterpiece, and He created us as we are!  He is proud of us, and we should be proud too, for we are His creation!

What most amazes you about God's creation?

Memory verse for the week: Genesis 1:27

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