Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Where do we run?

To what do we turn when we feel down or weary?  To where do we look when we feel tired and alone?  Sadly, many turn to things that do not draw us closer to God, but to something that is used to replace God.  We are a broken culture and generation.  We look for things that will distract us or things that will help us forget what has happened.  We look for things that will give us a good feeling and alter our mind. But to few times do we sit down and talk with God in these moments. Why?  Why have we failed to come to the only One who can fill the void in our hearts?  Why do we fail to run to the creator of peace?  All who are weary and heavy burdened shall find rest in His arms, yet we don't run to His arms!  What race are we running?
God created community for a purpose.  We are not to be alone, but too often we find ourselves alone.  We are to commune with other Christians to help us through the fight.  I just finished watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  This paints a beautiful picture of community, standing beside each other, and fighting for what is right, even in the darkest of times.  What a great depiction of our Christian life.  But not only does God desire us to have this community with other Christians, but He himself desires to have community with us!  Look at Abraham.  He was such a great friend with God that he was able to change God's mind and receive his request.  Look at David and how he constantly looked to God, no matter what others thought or how bleak his situation looked.  And God constantly rewards faithfulness.  So why are we not faithful?  How do we say we believe the Bible, read all these stories of faithfulness, and yet we believe that God can't possibly overcome our situation.  One thing I have learned, don't doubt God!  He is bigger, greater, and more powerful than anything we will ever see or face!
Run to His arms today!  Allow God to wrap you in His arms! Trust in his unfailing Love, Mercy, and Goodness!

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