Tuesday, February 7, 2012


How aware are we of the struggles of those around us?  How well are we living in Christian community? God's design in community was to uplift one another, to know the struggles of those around us, and to make each other Holy!  I believe that our lack of knowledge of the struggles of those around us can cause others to stumble!  With the number of men struggling with pornography, how often do we put on a movie with sex scenes?  We may have caused a brother to stumble by this and our lack of intentionality caused hurt!  With the number of women struggling with eating disorders, how often do we talk about needing to lose weight, when really we look great?  This may make a sister criticize herself even more and cause her to fall deeper into this pit!  May we begin to take time to build true community in the design that God has created it!  May we think of the needs of those around us above ourselves and be careful with what we do and say!  We will often not know the struggles of those around us, so let's be careful to be jealous for God with our every move, keeping ourselves from causing a brother or sister to stumble!

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