Monday, February 13, 2012

Destructive Thoughts

What's it like to not have a father?  To never see God's design modeled before you?  How do you break the chains that exist?  How do we stop this destructive behavior?
Speaking Truth!  Truth never fails and when we speak Truth, we challenge others to step into the roles that God designed!  The absence of father's or the existence of abusive father's, destroys young men in our society.  They never have a positive example to follow, they have a poor image of God as our father, and many times these young men do the same things their father's did because they have no other example to follow!  Our society is told so many lies about what things should look like.  Fathers model lies and tell children lies and these lies are believed.  Lies create bondage.  It's time to step up and make known the lies and proclaim Truth!  Every person is created in God's image and is equipped with gifts, talents, and a uniqueness that is AWESOME!  Let's begin proclaiming Truth in the lives of those around us, and move those lies out of the heart, replacing the lies with Truth!  For where a man's heart is, there is his treasure!  May we have a treasure built in the Truth claims of God!

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