Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The New Job

Wow!  God sure does provide!  When I finally allowed myself to fully rely upon Him for everything, the pieces started to fall into place!  This job is exactly what I wanted to do and it is so perfect for me and where I'm at in life!
Yesterday was my first day of work and Jessica, the other intern, and I brainstormed ideas we have for what we can do with the kids.  As we talked about what God has done in our lives, we found ourselves just finding ideas from our experiences!  Our focus at this point is really on group nights.  Every Thursday night we will have the kids for two hours and we will focus on guiding these kids spiritually.  We also planned out weekend activities for the kids, which I'm super excited for!
My heart has been poured out for children without fathers in their lives for years now, and God provided me with this position that tailors to my desires, passions, and heart!  God is so good, continually faithful, and marvelously spectacular!  I can't wait to share more about how God continually provides and guides! May we all rest within His arms!

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